Being a part of the mainstream and thriving in it are two completely different things. Once your company has established itself and built a solid customer base you need to make sure that you continue to work on it so you don't lose your mainstream status. You don't want all that hard work you put into marketing how much MC Escher art you have compared to other art galleries to go to waste.

There are a lot of things you can do that will ensure that the customers you have will continue to shop at your business and also help bring in new clients. One way to do that is by offering money back guarantees. If you offer products and services, either to the general public or the CFB Kingston, you should make sure that whatever you offer is backed up with a personal guarantee from you that if something goes wrong they will get their money back. It's almost like signing up for insurance as it gives clients some peace of mind.

A Toronto caterer can confidently work for a catering company if they are allowed to offer unsatisfied clients their money back. The same can be said for a hairdresser or plumber. If you provide clients with a product or service you are doing so with the hope that they will be pleased with the service they are receiving or product that they are buying. If they aren't then you need to do something to make sure that they will hire you the next time they need that same service performed or else they will just go somewhere else. Offering unhappy clients their money back will put you in their good graces and give you a second chance.

Money back guarantees are also a great marketing tool to attract new clients. If you own a Toronto executive search and recruitment firm and want to bring in new clients the best way to appeal to them is by offering them incentives that makes hiring you worthwhile. By offering a money back guarantee you are securing a shot at landing a new client and don't have much to lose out on. The best-case scenario is that you do a great job and are hired for more work in the future. The worst-case scenario is that you lose a client you never had in the first place and are out some man-hours.

Whether you're a real estate agent in Thornhill or own a small business selling vegan cupcakes you should look into offering money back guarantees if you don't already do so. It might just be what your business needs to make it a permanent part of the mainstream.

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