Shifting your business into the mainstream often requires experimenting with new technologies and ideas in your marketing plans. Sometimes these can work out swimmingly, with your business getting voted "Best Spa in Mississauga" by an online magazine, but other times it can blow up in your face, insulting your customers and wasting your advertising budget. We want things to work out for you, so we've compiled this article on some common marketing mishaps that befall the business owners. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

Confusing Spamming with Marketing

Business owners without a lot of experience in the fields of computers and social networking will often confuse internet marketing with spamming. It's one thing to pay for advertising space on a website to put up a link to your airport taxi in Toronto, and quite another to directly email or solicit business from people whose contact information you bought or was obtained in an underhanded manner by a supposed internet marketing scammer. Always know what the company you hire plans on doing.
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Thinking a Good Marketing Plan Can Save a Bad Product

The most essential step in becoming a successful business person is not having a great marketing plan. It's having a great product or service. You can have the best ads in the world, but if you're offering people looking for a mortgage in Mississauga, Canada the opportunity to borrow money at 25% interest, no one is going to go for it. If you've got a product no one wants, is broken, or is a lot more expensive than a competitor's product, don't waste your money marketing it.

Copying Strategies

Customers are naturally scornful of anyone who tries to ride someone else's coattails. So if a Toronto accounting firm has a really great marketing plan, product, or ad strategy and you decide you want a piece of the action too, you need to distance yourself from them as much as possible. Claiming that your product is "better" is just a dead giveaway that you didn't have the idea first. The same is true of trying to hijack another company's reputation or niche. It's an uphill battle that you can't win.
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Spreading the Net Too Wide

Obviously everyone would like for their product to appeal to everyone in the world, but the fact is that there are too many different types of people out there for a single marketing plan to reach them all. If you try, you will end up sounding so bland that you will attract no one. It's much better to decide who you're going after, i.e. Oshawa dentists or under four year olds, and focus your attention on them fully. That way you're sure to at least have your most important target group.

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