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With so many people searching for new services and products from the comfort of their home over the Internet, if your business doesn't have a website it can be like you don't exist at all. Only a few decades ago if you wanted to sell anything from hammers to aquarium heaters it was all about having a storefront that received lots of foot traffic and visual exposure. Now it's more about where your site lands on popular search engine results and what people see once they arrive on your home page. Here are some tips for building a company website that will work whether you're promoting a restaurant or King West dentist clinic.

The first thing you should think about is the sort of content that you want to include on the site. Some companies choose to offer minimal information, like the store's location and hours, while other businesses might choose to have a full online catalogue or several articles related to their industry. When deciding what you want to include you should think about the sort of people that will pay for your services or products and what they would like to see. If you're selling industrial products than buyers might just need your contact information and want to talk to you in person about pricing and potential discounts. If instead you're running a Mississauga limousine service customers will likely be comparison shopping online and will be looking for your rates right on the site.

Next, you want to make sure that all of that content is displayed in a pleasing way that is not overly confusing for the viewer. People buy with their eyes first whether their looking for a wedding rental Brantford based or a new toy for their child and this is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. Don't pack too much information into each page. White space is as important as text, as you don't want to overwhelm potential customers. If people are faced with a confusing site they will likely just move onto the next instead of struggling with poor design.

Try to make your site unique to all of the similar pages out there. If you're a mortgage company in Canada or a dance studio it's likely that there is going to be some competition when it comes to winning viewer traffic. Customers respond to originality and it might just take a few small changes to put yourself on top. Again, when deciding what you're going to do it's important to make sure that it caters to your target market. For some companies you might want to add a mailing list where customers can get a monthly coupon. On others, perhaps creating a blog will give you that extra edge.

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